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HR Systems Workshops

Our workshops enable each participant to learn and interact with others in a dynamic environment. The courses help each person develop a new skillset that they can then apply to their workplace. Each of our workshops has been developed from real-life human resource experiences and is highly interactive and relevant to today’s workplace. A variety of media resources are used to support the course content. Each workshop varies in length and is customized for the client.

Supervisory Tool Kit
This is a 3-segment workshop that focuses on all aspects of the interview process, communication styles, coaching, managing, and handling discipline up to and including termination. This is a great seminar for a management team to attend together so consistency is applied with all employees. We use proven processes and welcome client materials so we can customize them for your staff.

Segments include:
• Focused Interviewing
• Coaching the new employees
• Characteristics of management
• What’s Leadership
• Discipline and Termination
• Landmines to Avoid to keep you out of court

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Charm School

Funny name for a workshop but essential to your retention. What’s your turnover rate? Why are employees leaving? What are you doing to “love the employees up” as they learn their job? Do they know you care? We touch on each of these key retention factors and use client data to dig into the real issues of why employees leave organizations.

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Litigation Landmines

Who taught you to supervise? Are you doing it correctly? How do you handle problem employees? How do you spend your time? Are you fighting fires every day? What do you do when employees don’t get along? What’s your role as a Supervisor? Are you leading your people? Are you in control of your work area?

The focus of this course is on the “people side” of supervision and what each Supervisor needs to be aware of as they deal with your employees.

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Interview and Selection – Hiring the Right People

What questions do you ask? Are they legal? What did you learn about the candidate? Do they fit, are they qualified? Are you keeping legal interview notes? Interview and Selection training will assist the attendee in understanding the entire recruitment process. This course will review how to develop an interview plan and what to do when preparing for the actual interview. A review of how to evaluate a resume and application, information gathering techniques, understanding proper questions, lawful and unlawful pre-employment inquiries, and the steps of the entire recruitment process are covered.

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Performance Management

So what does your process look like for – 30-60-90 day reviews? 6-months? Annual?

What’s your process? What does your performance review document look like? Do supervisors know how to use it and conduct a review? How about employee input on their performance? Do you relate performance to pay increases? How about budgeting for increases? Are you keeping up with the market? Are any surveys conducted to make sure you are competitive?

We address each of these in this workshop and layout a process that works.

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Coaching, Progressive Discipline, and Termination

These subjects are probably the most difficult yet most important for managers to deal with. Having to coach, counsel, discipline, and potentially terminate an employee can have various effects on the workforce at large. The course will cover proper guidelines to follow when handling each of these subjects.

• How do you Coach an employee
• What is progressive discipline?
• Using an employee warning system; verbal, written and suspension
• Eliminating emotions during the discipline process
• Dealing with only the facts
• What to do when termination is the only alternative
• Protecting you and the company

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Professionalism and Preventing Harassment

Define Professionalism. What are your culture, vision, mission, and values – how do you apply these to your workforce?

What’s respect in the workplace?

All businesses need to have a policy that addresses preventing harassment in the workplace. This topic has become a serious issue in the last several years with a lot of racial tension and the diversification of the workplace.

This course addresses both topics. We customize the course for your business environment and address your concerns; this is not a textbook course.

Before we present this course, we do a brief study to determine your needs.

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