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Each of these courses can be customized for your organization.

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Our Workshops

Our workshops enable each participant to learn and interact with others in a dynamic environment. The courses help each person develop a new skillset that they can then apply to your workplace. Each of our courses has been developed from real-life HR experiences and are highly interactive and relevant to today’s workplace.

Litigation Landmines – January 2019

How do you handle problem employees? Do you know the typical Landmines that supervisors and “step in”? The focus of this workshop is on the “people side” of supervision and what each Supervisor needs to be aware of as you deal with your employees. We will discuss documentation, training, attendance, emails, job performance faults, references and how to stay out of court. → Click to learn more or register online

Professionalism in the Workplace and Preventing Harassment – February 2019

All businesses need to have a policy that addresses preventing harassment in the workplace. This topic has become a serious issue in the last couple of years with a lot of racial tension and the diversification of the workplace. In addition, violence in the workplace is also becoming an issue that companies need to understand and have a good working knowledge of how to handle various situations.

This workshop addresses both topics. We customize the workshop for your business environment and address your concerns; this is not a textbook workshop. → Click to learn more or register online

Interview and Selection – Hiring the Right People – March 2019

What questions do you ask? Are they legal? What did you learn about the candidate? Do they fit, are they qualified? Are you keeping legal interview notes? Interview and Selection training will assist the attendee understand the entire recruitment process. This workshop will review how to develop an interview plan and what to do when preparing for the actual interview. A review of how to evaluate a resume and application, information gathering techniques, understanding proper questions, lawful and unlawful pre-employment inquires, and the steps of the entire recruitment process are covered. → Click to learn more or register online

Performance Management – April 2019

In this workshop you will learn the most effective methods to create performance evaluations and how to communicate with employees during the performance process.
• To learn the basics of Performance Management
• To understand the purpose and strategies behind Performance Appraisals/Reviews
• To gain knowledge of various performance management forms and tools
• To discuss pay with performance reviews
→ Click to learn more or register online

Management Principles – May 2019

Who taught you to supervise? What methods do you use to coach, teach and develop your employees? Employers are faced with rapid and increasing changes in employment law.

Managers are faced with ongoing challenges – business directives, goals, people.
Manager knowledge of each is critical and essential.

In this workshop we focus on various methods of manager development and managing employees.
→ Click to learn more or register online

Coaching and Progressive Discipline – June 2019 - parts 1 and 2

These subjects are probably the most difficult yet most important for managers to deal with. Having to coach, council, discipline and potentially terminate an employee can have various effects on the workforce at large. The workshop will cover proper guidelines to follow when handling each of these subjects.

• How do you Coach an employee?
• What is progressive discipline?
• Using an employee warning system; verbal, written and suspension
• Eliminating emotions during the discipline process
• Dealing with only the facts
• What to do when termination is the only alternative
• Protecting you and the company
→ Click to learn more or register online

Terminating an Employee – July 2019

This subject is the most difficult yet most important for managers to deal handle. Having to terminate an employee can have various effects on the workforce at large. The workshop will cover proper guidelines when terminating an employee.

  • What’s reason behind the termination?
  • What progressive discipline issues have been addressed?
  • Eliminating emotions during the discipline process
  • Deal with only the facts
  • Preparation for the termination
  • What’s the plan?
    • Date, Time, logistics
  • After the termination – what’s next
  • Protecting you and the company
  • References and calls
  • Communicating with other employees

→ Click to learn more or register online

HR & the Law – August 2019

Business today is faced with an ever-changing employment situation.  Keeping up with these changes can be difficult.  When a company is changing its workforce, the importance of HR and the Law is something all employers should be aware of. This workshop covers all aspects of Human Resources and the Law including…

  • Increasing supervisor’s understanding of employment laws.
  • Learning when you need to ask for help to handle employee concerns.
  • Identifying supervisor’s HR activities in order to improve profitability.
  • Detailing current laws and the legal implications.
  • Understanding how the laws become effective as the company’s workforce change

→ Click to learn more or register online

Effective Communication – September 2019

One of the most common mistakes in business today is the lack of communication between employees at all levels.  Supervisors and Managers are key to the communication process and must take a leadership role.  The workshop will cover the following items that will equip the employee, supervisor or manager to communicate more effectively in the workplace.

  • Various methods of communication that never work
  • Why managers keep trying to use the first item and fail
  • How people listen and learn
  • Talking, writing, notes, yellow post its
  • E-mail
  • Speak, listen, ask, and review
  • Saying what you mean
  • Categories where general communication fails
  • What works with different people?
  • Your work area will dictate the communication style

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Setting Goals and Priorities – October 2019

How do you set goals? Do you have a process? What about your personal and company priorities?  How are they set and how do you follow through on your goals? The workshop will cover the following items that will assist managers to become better at their job.

  • Calendars and day planners
  • Work schedules
  • Communication of tasks
  • When is it too much to handle?
  • How many goals are enough?
  • How are you measured and measuring goal achievement?
  • Performance Review and Planning
  • Goals, Tasks, Delegation
  • Leadership 101

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Team Building – November 2019

Here’s the setting; you have your staff in place, all functional areas are covered, and now you are tackling issues that need everyone’s attention/effort. How do you build a team to really get things moving? How do you take the skills and knowledge of individuals in the department and create a fully functional group of people working together?  This workshop is a starter workshop to define a team and to develop the concept of what it takes to establish a team with the employees you have on staff.  

Key elements include:

  • Talent – who’s on the team?
  • What is their level of ability?
  • Forming a Team
  • Storming a Project
  • Norming – making it work
  • Performing

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